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Things To Do for 1.7.0


New features: track headers New features: segment sync and transpose stuff

New features: move to staff above/below Track brackets and notation sizes

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Collect here chronologically new features and bug fixes (ordered by the first fully compilable svn rev in trunk).

1.7.0 Highlights

Chris Cannam and D. Michael McIntyre have gotten back to their notation roots for this release, spearheading a successful effort to raise the bar to a whole new level. This effort has included new contributions from established project members Heikki Junes and Arnout Engelen, and translator Yves Guillemot has come over to the development side. New members Philippe Macaire and Jaakko H. Kyro have joined the development team, while Gunhild Andersen has joined us as a documentation writer, pioneering our new Users Helping Users section. On top of all this, we have had code contributions from Colin Fletcher, Alessandro Preziosi, Stefan Asserhall Flameeyes' Pettenò, and Anders Dahnielson, a segment parameter presets database update from Magnus Johansson, and new library contributions from eight other users! Progress has been slow but steady during this release cycle, with all of this work dragging out for what has felt like years. In spite of this pace, and the seeming lack of anything happening around here day to day, we have managed to bring together more contributions from more people than any previous release of Rosegarden.

New Features (comprehensive list)


Significant bug fixes since 1.6.0


New members

We'd like to thank the following for their continuing quality contributions, and welcome them to the Rosegarden team!


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Other people who contributed to Rosegarden development:


People who contributed device files to the Rosegarden Library

See also: 1.6.0