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ROSEGARDEN 15.12, codename "Peace" RELEASED

The Rosegarden team is pleased to announce the release of version 15.12 of Rosegarden, an audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor for Linux.

Rosegarden rounds out 2015 with a new CMake build system and several bug fixes contributed by David Faure of KDE. The new build system preserves the best features of the previous system, while adding out-of-source builds, and the ability to compile with Qt 4 or Qt 5. (Qt 5 builds are functional, but do have some problems. We encourage you to give a Qt 5 build a try and report bugs, but package maintainers and production users should stick with Qt 4 for the time being.)

Beyond ironing the kinks out of the new build system, Ted was hard at work sorting out bugs, Yves added a new pop-up notes feature that allows you to include explanatory text inside your compositions, and Michael cobbled together a way to fake acciaccatura, by allowing you to put a tremolo slash on a grace note in order to have LilyPond produce acciaccatura rather than appoggiatura.

Bug Fixes

New Features

Other people who contributed to Rosegarden development:

People who contributed device files to the Rosegarden Library