This is a scratchpad for ideas about the new Symbol class

Symbols are a new thing that have subordering and duration like text events, for example performance directions, tempo indications, and other such that are no-ops from a sequencer perspective, but will display suitable glyphs on the staff instead of arbitrary or canned texts. The first three of these are the segno, coda, and breath mark, which aim to be a 1:1 replacement for the LilyPond directive Text tool based hacks that have been working and exportable for some time.

I expect that's about as far as I will take the new concept for Thorn's release, lest I get too sidetracked with fun and entertaining projects instead of the backbreaking but mandatory work of repairing critical infrastructure and readying everything for release.

So these are random thoughts I have looking through note fonts for glyphs I might want to do as Symbols one day: