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-Using jack_capture to copy rosegarden audio output as a *.wav file 
-This guide is valid this day, tomorrow it could be totally obsolete, you have been warned. 
-After having tried every which way to use ffmpeg to screencast audio with video or audio only but always without success as far as audio goes, I downloaded jack_capture and bingo! 
-I didn't see any installation instructions so I just did this: 
-1. Got jack_capture @  http://​archive.notam02.no/​arkiv/​src/​jack_capture-0.9.69.tar.gz ​ 
-2. unpacked it to my  /​0/​comp/​build-lin/​xtra-progs/​tarballs/​ folder (use your own path) 
-3. made a  .jack_capture (dot jack_capture) folder in my home folder & copied the config file to it (else, error). 
-4. entered make  
-5. entered make install ​ 
-Thence, with jack runing, I enter 
-jack_capture ​ 
-and the rosegarden output saves to a jack_capture_##​.wav file in my home folder 
-It should be a simple edit in the rosegarden code to include an "​Export to wave file" menu item.  ​ 
-A provisional workaround under KDE is to 
-Save the following 3 lines as a text file under something like ~/​command/​jack-cast.txt & make it exetutable 
-    #!/bin/bash 
-    # saves to ~/​jack_capture_##​.wav 
-    konsole -e /​usr/​local/​bin/​jack_capture 
-Place a "Quick Access"​ browser on your panel & set it up for directory  ~/command using single or double click activation (trigger). ​ 
-Next time your rosegarden is ready to play something start jack_capture from your panel with a click and hit the rosegarden play button. 
-When done hit enter into the terminal window opened for jack_capture. ​ 
-Copy out the generated jack_capture_##​.wav file as desired. 
-To turn it into an mp3 I done did 
-ffmpeg -i  jack_capture_##​.wav  whatever.mp3 
-00:25 EST 19-Oct-2012 ©Kalman Feher, use it freely until blue in the face if you like 
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