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-If you want to use the default LilyPond jazz chord names in your exported LilyPond file, you need to learn the proper syntax for entering chord names. 
-Firstly you need to write the pitch which is any of the letters that make up the music alphabet ''​a''​ through ''​g''​. 
-Then you may add the sharps and flats, if needed. 
-**Rosegarden** uses the standard **LilyPond** way of changing pitch with Dutch terms, this may confuse non-Dutch speaking users. "''​is''"​ means sharp and "''​es''"​ means flat. So a //c-sharp// will look like this - ''​cis'',​ //c-flat// looks like this - ''​ces''​. Write it down and put it somewhere easy to find!  
-You can make a double sharp by simply writing ''​cisis''​ and a double flat by writing ''​ceses''​. 
-(to be continued) 
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