ROSEGARDEN 10.10, codename "Betty Prior" RELEASED

The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 10.10 of Rosegarden, an audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor for Linux.

This is a substantial bug-fix release, with fixes in almost every area of the application.

Betty Prior

Rosa 'Betty Prior' was introduced by D. Prior & Sons (England) in 1935. It is an extremely tough, single, pink floribunda that has the distinction of being the longest living survivor in Michael's personal rose garden.

Changes Since 10.04

This list is not comprehensive, and in particular it misses several things Ted Felix accomplished for this release.

* Several fixes to behaviour of track program/bank change sends in save/load and in interaction with percussion check-box (Julie Swango)

* Permit shift-click on a track header to toggle selection of segments on that track without effecting other selected segments (Yves Guillemot)

* Improve key highlights in matrix view so as to reflect current segment properly (Julie)

* Add support for basic LADISH level 1 (Felipe Lopes)

* Substantial fixes to audio file handling code to fix a number of problems with the wrong audio clip being played (Julie)

* Fix crash in some cases when opening file dialog if not using default Thorn style (Chris Cannam and D. Michael McIntyre)

* Fix incorrect behaviour of frequency-range parameters in LADSPA and DSSI plugin editors (Chris)

* Fixes to missing-audio-file location logic (Chris)

* Shorten the factory autoload, removing the duplicate sets of tracks at the bottom so that all tracks initially are visible (Michael)

* Fix MIDI recording from devices in which note-on and note-off are not always cleanly paired (Julie)

* Fixes to positioning of playback pointer in matrix (Julie)

* Several substantial fixes to step-recording in matrix and notation (Julie)

* Several fixes to Lilypond export (Julie)

* Numerous fixes to segment editor corner cases that previously could introduce zero-length segments (Ted Felix)

* Several fixes to corner cases that previously could introduce zero-length events or ranges (Ted)

* Fixes to unpredictable behaviour in certain operations involving copying segments (Ted)

* Numerous fixes to behaviour of editing operations in cases where segments overlap with the end of the composition (Julie and


* Make behaviour of Paste Range more predictable (Ted)

* Improvements to chord database and several fixes to fretboard editor


* Fixes to avoid zero-duration note events in files (Michael and Julie)

* Fixes to toolbar visibility in editing views (Julie)

* Fixes to regressions in action availability (Ian Gardner)

* Fixes to updates in notation view (Yves and Julie), event list editor (Julie), matrix editor (Julie) and rulers (Julie and Alvar Udras)

* Restore progress dialogs (Julie)

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