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 +====== ROSEGARDEN 13.04, codename "​Allysand"​ RELEASED ======
 +The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 13.04 of Rosegarden, an audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor for Linux.
 +With the latest contribution from Tim Munro, Rosegarden is now brought to you by the letter T.  Tim, Tom and Ted the talented trio tackle tough troubles tenaciously!
 +The Rosegarden team would like to extend a happy 16th birthday to Michael'​s estranged lesbian daughter, even though this latest olive branch at reconciliation will be as futile as everything else, and she will probably just say that this, too, was "​intrusive"​ and "​unhelpful."​
 +Three cheers for horrible family life!  Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray!!!
 +===== Bug Fixes =====
 +  * Don't export certain properties in MusicXML that MusicXML can't handle
 +  * Fix #1387; export text events (eg. lyrics) to MIDI
 +  * Fix #703; auto-beaming no longer does an extra unselected bar 
 +  * Fix minor notation layout issue
 +  * Fix notation scrolling problem
 +  * Fix bug with FreeChannel
 +===== New Features =====
 +  * Choose among 0db, -3dB, -6dB panning laws for audio
 +=====Other people who contributed to Rosegarden development:​=====
 +  * Tim Munro
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