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-====== ROSEGARDEN 13.10, codename "Joie de Vivre" RELEASED ====== 
-The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 13.10 of Rosegarden, the MIDI sequencer that features a rich understanding of music notation along with basic support for digital audio. 
-This release adds a few minor features and fixes a goodly number of bad bugs.  The most interesting new features are a new configuration option that allows you to avoid starting JACK when Rosegarden starts, and a new Interpret Toolbar in the notation editor that provides a streamlined way of applying the interpretations formerly only accessible through the Interpret dialog. 
-===== Bug Fixes ===== 
-  * Pitch Bend Sequence Dialog, number of steps must be positive. ​ (r13345) 
-  * Fix disconnected move up staff / move down staff commands (r13352) 
-  * Fix sysex import dialog black-on-black problem (bug #1396, r13353) 
-  * Fix for #1372 Rests of new segments don't adapt to time signature changes. ​ From Daniel Gloeckner. ​ (r13354) 
-  * Fix a refresh bug introduced in r13273 and present in 13.06 involving deleting contemporaneous segments on a track. ​ This may have broken CompositionView refresh in other cases as well.  (r13367) 
-  * Fix UTF8 in track and segment names. (r13362, r13363) 
-  * Fix the update of notation editors when a track name is changed (r13370) 
-  * Fix a "No such key" bug in the key signature dialog (r13385) 
-  * Fix MIDI thru latency issue when recording (bug #1393, r13414) 
-  * Fix repeating segments so they function when overlapping on one track 
-  * Fix tuplet numbers drawing in black when they should be other colors (r13444) 
-  * Fix several interconnected bugs related to MIDI export that were causing a variety of problems due to issues with bad event ordering and the introduction of spurious controllers 
-  * Fix problems when recording past the end of the composition (bug #1407, r13499) 
-  * Fix various crashes when pasting (r13510) 
-  * Fix crash when attempting to import programs from .sfArk files (format not supported) (r13515) 
-===== New Features ===== 
-  * Selection event filter can select rests 
-  * Selection event filter can select either performance or notation duration 
-  * LilyPond export converts a ''​(c)''​ or a ''​(C)''​ in the copyright header to a proper symbol automatically 
-  * New interpretation toolbar for the notation editor streamlines the ''​**Adjust -> Interpret**''​ process 
-  * New option to allow LilyPond to export fingerings inside the staff (can improve collision resolution) 
-  * New option to instruct Rosegarden not to start JACK automatically at startup, allowing you to control this behavior without having to put garbage in your ~/.jackdrc file 
-  * Support LilyPond 2.14 
-  ​ 
-=====Other people who contributed to Rosegarden development:​===== 
-  * Daniel Gloeckner 
-=====People who contributed device files to the Rosegarden Library===== 
-  * Gary G. 
-  * Oliver √úcker ​ 
-  * J.P. Morris 
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