ROSEGARDEN 14.02, codename "Kaleidoscope" RELEASED

The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 14.xx of Rosegarden, the musical notation editor and MIDI sequencer for Linux.

This is a bugfix release.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a transposition bug (Bug #1383, r13540).
  • Fix a bug related to running status and meta events in exported MIDI files (r13544)
  • Fix an endless loop with certain MIDI files (Bug #1419, r13550)
  • Pitch tracker patch from Nick Bailey (r13597)
  • Fix a crash when exporting to LilyPond with an empty copyright header (r13603)
  • Fix for bad handling of “©” in the copyright header when exporting to LilyPond (r13603)
  • Fix for handling obscure MIDI files that have an extra unused padding byte at the very end (r13604)
  • Fix to allow controllers in zero-length segments to play (r13650)
  • Fix for guessBeats crashes (r13653)
  • Fix for channel allocator waste-minimizer (r13654)
  • Fix to avoid freeing zero-length intervals (r13655)
  • Fix Jump to Quick Marker shortcut, Ctrl+M, in notation (r13656)
  • Fix for first note of a segment playing late (Bug 1378, r13657)

New Features

  • New auto-expand feature added to the Change Composition Length dialog (Feature #417, r13542, r13555).

New Device Files

  • Casio CTK-3200 device file contributed by Eric (tuxyme)

Other people who contributed to Rosegarden development

  • Daniel Glöckner
  • Niek van den Berg
  • Markus M
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