ROSEGARDEN 15.10, codename "Oranges and Lemons" RELEASED

The Rosegarden team is pleased to announce the release of version 15.10 of Rosegarden, an audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor for Linux. One tester comments, “You'll be pleased to know that this puts Rosegarden ahead of all the other sequencers I've tried for all CCs including bank changes, program changes and NRPNs.”

With this major bugfix release, Ted Felix untangled a very old problem with instrument parameters that stumped quite a few developers over the years. Tito Latini joined the project briefly, and went on a bit of a rampage, fixing bug after bug. Yves got in on the effort, and contributed several important fixes. Even Michael wrote a little code here and there.

This is one of the best releases we've turned out in years, and we strongly encourage everyone to upgrade immediately!

Bug Fixes

  • Fix various bugs with control rulers: control items outside the segment, add and/or move control items after horizontal zoom, recorded MIDI CC after horizontal zoom
  • Fix MIDI export with events before the bar 1 of the composition (bug 1258)
  • Fix importing banks from soundfonts (bug 1417)
  • Fix double note-offs in playback (bug 1427)
  • Fix split points during MIDI import (bug 1429)
  • Fix scrolling while drawing loop/range in notation/matrix views (bug 1222)
  • Also fixed scrolling for control items in notation view
  • Fix noteoffs in loop mode (bug introduced in r14092)
  • Fix midi input after r14095
  • Fix problem with sustaining notes while adding notes with the pencil tool
  • Also avoids moving playback position in playback mode, allowing editing of a loop in real-time
  • Fix subordering of grace notes added before Indication events (bug 1215). If we add a grace note before an Indication event, the event of the grace note precedes the indication. If we add an Indication event where there is a grace note, the inserted event precedes the grace note
  • Fix drawing of the control ruler in notation view after horizontal zoom
  • No weird message with synth plugin and pedal sign in notation editor (bug 1424)
  • Ignore duplicated noteoffs immediately. Also avoid a useless event-type zero (SND_SEQ_EVENT_SYSTEM) when a

noteoff is duplicated

  • Fix event scheduling in DSSI synth (bug 1109). Before the bug fix, an immediate event could occur after a future event

and if the immediate event (realtime) was a note, it was time shifted and shortened (also with zero duration)

  • Fix black space beside track headers (bug 1441)
  • Fix persistent invisibility on rests (bug 633)
  • Fix several interrelated bugs involving performance vs. display duration causing cut and paste operations on notation quantized notes to behave strangely (bug 1440)
  • Fix erroneous split of rest when inserting triplets (bug 980)
  • Fix excessive warning dialogs during step recording (bug 1445). Avoid step recording unless the edit view is the active window. Fail silently when inappropriate tool is selected, rather than bombarding user with cryptic errors
  • Fix DSSI synth used with unsuitable channel setup after stop-recording
  • CMI: Fix potential memory corruption
  • Fix segfault if a Segment is not in a Composition
  • Use getGreaterDuration() where it is opportune (reduces duration-related glitches)
  • Fix selection drawing after mouse-button release with matrix-velocity tool.
  • Fix bug #1446 First step: A segment which is not linked with a still existing segment is no longer flagged as “linked” when saved in a .rg file. Second step: A segment previously linked then left alone when others segments have been deleted is now copied into the clipboard as a plain segment and no longer as a linked one
  • Fix segfault in ~EventSelection (bug 1449)
  • Fix copying a linked segment with arrow tool and Ctrl+move (bug 1450)
  • Fix settings memory in the quantize dialog (bug 1447). (It turns out this had been broken for five years!)
  • Fix rests after “Remove Notation Quantization” command
  • Fix duration in “Fix Notation Quantization” command
  • Event quantize command doesn't change segment duration
  • Fix “Open hand cursor is obnoxious” (bug 1452)
  • Control rulers handle volume and expression controllers properly (bug 1451)
  • Limit event duration in “Fix Notation Quantization” command
  • Normalize rests in “Fix Notation Quantization” command
  • Fix the region to normalize the rests during the quantizazion
  • Fix the position of the last micro event of a segment
  • Ignore quantized events moved outside the segment
  • Don't move events outside a segment in notation view
  • Update selection drawing after editing in velocity ruler
  • Update selection drawing in matrix view when a segment status is to refresh
  • Use MidiBank::partialCompare() instead of op==
  • MidiBank::operator==() is a full comparison of all fields as is proper. partialCompare() compares all fields

except name (bug 1443)

  • Discover and fix two more bugs similar to Bug #1443
  • Fix notation time and duration in linked segment (bug 1453 and numerous related, unreported bugs)
  • Constant thickness for a selection in matrix view
  • Optimize the range to normalize the rests after quantization
  • “Paste events” command doesn't change the time/duration of a segment
  • Fix snap to grid in matrix view
  • Fix rare track height issue when recording; if recording caused the track heights to change, and stopping also caused the track heights to change, the height of the TrackButtons would get out of sync
  • MidiFile: Improve alien chunk handling; findNextTrack() now implements alien chunk skipping as recommended

by the MIDI spec

  • MidiFile: Improve header chunk handling; Also reduced the scope of some variables in parseTrack() to make the code a little easier to follow
  • Fix 1455 and other related problems with LilyPond complex alternate endings
  • Fix broken MIME type so our files display in graphical file managers with our icons again (fixes 1454)
  • Fancy repeat endings should now be correctly handled in LilyPond export
  • Fix translation of error messages from LilyPondExporter
  • Fixes bug #1439, MIDI Import Modifies Bank Selects. Now,all bank selects and program changes are imported as-is. Once

a track is imported, the events at time zero are checked to see if any of them can be moved to the Instrument configuration

New Features

  • Velocity ruler enhancement: Change the velocity items of the notes selected in matrix or notation view; Without selection, pick and drag a velocity item
  • Improve MIDI file conductor track handling on import (r14227)
  • Change track/segment naming:
    Previously, tracks created from different channels in a MIDI track
    would be named "Imported MIDI". Now, they have the same name as the
    MIDI track they came from.
    Previously the MIDI instrument name was used to name the segments.
    Now it is added to the end of the track name in parens.
    Segments are now named after their tracks.
    If no names are found, we fall back on the general MIDI program

Other people who contributed to Rosegarden development:

  • Tito Latini

People who contributed device files to the Rosegarden Library

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