ROSEGARDEN 15.12, codename "Peace" RELEASED

The Rosegarden team is pleased to announce the release of version 15.12 of Rosegarden, an audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor for Linux.

Rosegarden rounds out 2015 with a new CMake build system and several bug fixes contributed by David Faure of KDE. The new build system preserves the best features of the previous system, while adding out-of-source builds, and the ability to compile with Qt 4 or Qt 5. (Qt 5 builds are functional, but do have some problems. We encourage you to give a Qt 5 build a try and report bugs, but package maintainers and production users should stick with Qt 4 for the time being.)

Beyond ironing the kinks out of the new build system, Ted was hard at work sorting out bugs, Yves added a new pop-up notes feature that allows you to include explanatory text inside your compositions, and Michael cobbled together a way to fake acciaccatura, by allowing you to put a tremolo slash on a grace note in order to have LilyPond produce acciaccatura rather than appoggiatura.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix minor compile issue affecting several distros (patch backported as 15.10.1 release)
  • Fix random dropped legato notes with softsynths (patch backported as 15.10.2 release)
  • Fix crash #1459: Using a null pointer when trying to write MIDI instrument in a LilyPond file from a RG file where instrument is not defined
  • Fix bug #1457: Repeating segments with volta are always exported to LilyPond unfolded when using multiple voices on the same track
  • Finish off #1455 involving repeats and LilyPond
  • Fix LilyPond export crash with very old files that date from when compositions had no verse property
  • Display the link Id after the label of the linked segment on the composition view. This helps to identify the linked segments (the texture is not always very visible) and to know at which other segments a segment is linked
  • Add a modified version of examples/lilypond-alternative-endings.rg usable to test #1457 fix
  • RG_WARNING is now a suitable replacement for std::cerr everywhere it occurs in the code
  • MidiFile: Simplify zero-length track handling
  • CMI: Improve recording performance
  • Fix bug #1458. The LilyPond exporter no longer exports redundant key signatures
  • Fix bug #1461. The document properties segment summary table is populated correctly
  • Fix bug #1462. There is no longer a crash when the document properties dialog is open while changing documents, and it is no longer possible to open more than one document properties editor
  • Same modifications on the configuration dialog as those done on the document properties dialog
  • Fix Song Position Pointer rounding error (bug #1100)
  • Fix bug #1463. Composition additional headers no longer broken
  • Force building all before install
  • Add memory to text input dialog
  • Fix bug #1465. Remove the output of “\ottava” in handleStartingPostEvents() in LilyPond export
  • Fix crashes when closing the configuration dialog or the document configuration dialog with environment variable QT_FATAL_WARNINGS set to 1
  • Fix MIDI sync off by 1 issue
  • LilyPondExporter: fix bug #1466, single note should never be beamed.
  • Don't export beams on notes that can't actually have beams
  • Fix #1468: the verse count was not kept up to date
  • Clean garbage from double click bar selection in notation editor
  • LilyPondExporter: a rest at the beginning of a beam group shouldn't be beamed, to match the on-screen rendering
  • HeadersConfigurationPage: don't add empty rows to m_metadata for headers shown above the table.
  • Don't mark the document as modified every time you print via LilyPond
  • Turn lilypond autobeam off when “Export beamings” is checked
  • LilyPondExporter: Grace notes are not beamed, but shouldn't break the beaming group
  • LilyPondExporter: rework algorithm for exporting groups (beams and tuplets)
  • Fix bug #1469: Repeat with volta are now correctly export to LilyPond when the last volta is longer than the repeat segment or not synchronous on the different tracks
  • LilyPond: Fix the wrong detection of a repetition when a segment is linked to some other segment outside of the supposed repeat sequence
  • Fix resource leak in AlsaDriver code
  • Use jack_port_get_latency_range() instead of the deprecated jack_port_get_total_latency()
  • Fix some reports + tune euclidian algo
  • Fix missing controllers when switching ports (#1374)
  • Fix Manage Controllers update bug: Changes to controllers are now reflected in the UI when the Manage Controllers dialog is dismissed
  • Fix SysEx corruption (#1477)
  • Fix the worst part of #1450 with several improvements to segment canvas mouse handling

New Features

  • Add details box to LilyPond export failure dialog, showing you LilyPond errors within Rosegarden
  • Use rectangle instead of masked collision detection for text events in the notation editor
  • Build with Qt 4 or Qt 5, at your option
  • Add an editor (new tab “Notes” in Document Properties) to store some comments along with the composition
  • Allow comments stored in a .rg file to be displayed in a popup dialog when the document is opened

Other people who contributed to Rosegarden development:

  • Tito Latini
  • David Faure
  • Tim Munro

People who contributed device files to the Rosegarden Library

  • Mario Moles
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