The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 20.12 of Rosegarden, a MIDI sequencer that features a rich understanding of music notation along with basic support for digital audio.

Included in this release…

Bug Fixes

  • Fix QPainterPath compilation error (r15845)
  • Fixed several SysEx-related bugs in the Event editor (r15853)
    • SysEx load now remembers the last used path.
    • SysEx load now strips the F0/F7 bytes from the file when reading.
    • SysEx save now remembers the last used path.
    • SysEx save now fills in the FileDialog fields correctly.
    • SysEx save now adds the F0/F7 bytes to the data before saving.
  • Event Editor: Fix garbage on SysEx load error (r15855)
  • Event Parameter Dialog: Fix incorrect window title (r15857)
  • Fix length of notes added in percussion matrix (r15870)
  • Fix compilation error with Qt < 5.8 (r15872, r15896, others)
  • Fix issues with ALSA port name matching at file load (r15875, r15879, r15893-r15895, r15906, r15909)
  • Fix “&” in device name renders file unreadable. Bug #1586. (r15886)
  • Matrix editor: Fix control rulers not appearing. Bug #1543. (r15887)
  • Event editor: Fix crashes when editing (r15899, r15902, r15903)
  • Reduce connection check interval to 1 second (r15912)
  • Fix external controller port not working (r15915, r15916, r15919, r15927, r15929)
  • Fix ALSA timer selection persistence (r15936)
  • Fix disabled button text color (r15938)
  • Fix plugins not found (r15947)
  • Send proper CCs out the external controller port for motorized control surfaces. Bug #1587. (r15952, r15954)
  • Fix unwanted CCs going out with old files. Feature #482. (r15961)
  • Fix slow load time with many segments. Bug #1589. (r16026)

New Features

  • Enable/Disable external controller port in the preferences (r15932, r15946, others)
  • Transport buttons (play, stop, etc…) on MIDI controllers are now supported so long as they use Pro Tools standard CCs (110-118). Feature #423. (r15962-r15964)
  • Korg nanoKONTROL2 support (r15994-r16013, r16015, r16016, r16021)

Significant Code Cleanups

  • Icon Loader (r15862-r15865, r15868)
  • New ExternalController class (r15922)
  • Preferences dialog (r15939-r15944)
  • ALSA MIDI interface (r15975-r15993)

Additional Contributors

  • Michael Stockinger ( - German Translation
  • Hugo van Galen - Help with bug #1586 and #1543.
  • Piotr Golonka - Roland-Fantom-678.rgd
  • Arthur Baran - Casio-PX-5S.rgd
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