20.12 Testing Notes

20.12 will be released on December 9. Right now, what you see in svn is the release candidate. Please test the latest svn as much as you can. If you've not built from svn, give it a shot and let us know if you run into trouble. We'll walk you through it.

The steps I follow for building from svn are here.

Suggested areas to test:

  • Restoration of connections to external MIDI hardware and software on .rg file load.
    • We should be doing a better job with this now.
  • New marker menu items in the composition menu.
    • Composition > Add Marker at Playback Position
    • Composition > Jump to Previous Marker
    • Composition > Jump to Next Marker
  • Better support for not sending out CCs for controllers that are not visible on the UI. E.g. if you make Volume not visible via the device manager, no volume CCs will be generated by RG. Only volume CCs in the Segments will be sent out.
  • External Controller port for control surfaces.
    • This was broken in 20.06. Should work now.
    • Enable/Disable via preferences.
    • Type of control surface configurable via preferences.
  • Korg nanoKONTROL2 control surface is now supported automatically.
    • This should be auto detected and auto connected at rg startup. Make sure “external controller” is enabled in the preferences.
    • All buttons, knobs, and sliders should work.
    • The LEDs are partially supported. If you configure the nanoKONTROL2 for external LED control, the LEDs will work except when recording. So the record LED will appear to not work. If you would like to test this, let me know if you need the sysex files to configure the nanoKONTROL2 for external control of the LEDs.
  • Transport buttons on MIDI controllers.
    • If you have a MIDI controller with play, stop, record, FF, Rew, etc… buttons, chances are good those will work now. At least if they are configured for Pro Tools.
  • Preferences
    • Code cleanup. Some regression testing of the preferences dialogs is needed.
  • Event editor
    • General editing.
    • SysEx. SysEx handling and editing has been improved.
  • Toolbar Icons
    • Code cleanup. Make sure they look the same.
  • Percussion Matrix editor.
    • Some changes here related to note duration.

Most importantly, do what you usually do. That will hit the areas that I missed.


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