The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 23.06 of Rosegarden, a MIDI sequencer that features a rich understanding of music notation along with basic support for digital audio.

Included in this release…

Bug Fixes

  • Fix crash related to static initialization order. Bug #1647. Release as 22.12.1. [3e34166]
  • Fix bug #1047, beaming groups erroneous after merging notes. [83f1dca, 2709e76]
  • Fix offset selection rectangle in Notation. Bug #1444. [fc08c3e]
  • Fix time column widths in the Event Editor so that they don't need resizing on every launch. [aed705b]
  • Event filter dialog improvements and fixes. [c5e3c6a]
  • Fix broken retrograde commands. Bug #1648. [84faef1]
  • Lilypond: Fix volta/alternatives and lyrics. Bug #1649. [6e5ba2d]
  • Lilypond: Fix vertical alignment of verses. Bug #1650. [b42cbff]
  • Lilypond: Fix the printing of supplementary verses. [46c7d3d]
  • Lilypond: Fix multiple lyrics verses with repetition. [50266c5]
  • Lilypond: Fix the removing of an underscore at the end of a bar of lyrics. [62feb9b]
  • Lilypond: Fix printing of verses is now working when voltas are unfolded. [2eae089]
  • Lilypond: Fix bar number of verses in exported LilyPond files. [94c0e55]
  • Fix timer preference coming up empty for selections after “HR timer”. [08748a6]
  • Fix paste problems in notation editor. Bug #1651. [457f3de]
  • Fix the LilyPond exporter autotest and update the baseline. [768a657]
  • Fix crash in LilyPond exporter. Bug #1640. [a49712d]
  • Fix potential crash in the grid quantizer. [4bdefd9]
  • Fix quantizer crash. Bug #1654. [56ca66c, a8e669d]
  • LilyPond: Fix a small bug related to numbers in the lyrics. [10fa781]
  • LilyPond: Fix for lyrics containing some special characters. [e8c6988]
  • LilyPond: Fix the rendering of dash and underscore. [fc7eecd]
  • Fix missing parameter patterns in the Set Event Velocities dialog. [b76c392]
  • Matrix: Fix deleting too many notes with ruler present. Bug #1655. [993e6f3]

New Features

  • File > Merge dialogs now allow merging of multiple files. Feature request #513. [5f43b70]
  • View > Full Screen (F11) added to main window. [a09103c]
  • Removed LEDs from archived tracks to make archived tracks easier to identify. [a5f4131]
  • Edit > Preferences > General > Presentation. Three UI themes are now offered: Native (Light), Classic (Medium), and Dark. Feature request #498. [994c2b1, et al.]
  • Matrix and Notation now offer snap to grid in the control rulers. Feature request #509 [349fff9, et al.]
  • Add Ctrl+L shortcut for loop toggle. Feature request #398. [a5e8414]
  • Add new LilyPond versions. [6c7f0ef]
  • Add “Remove notes smaller than X” field to grid quantizer. Feature request #515. [87c9a0c]
  • Add “Remove articulations” to grid quantizer. Feature request #515. [a69a4fd]

Additional Contributors

  • Lorenzo Sutton - Multiple file merge feature. Feature Request #513.
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