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After Thorn Bugs

These should probably be filed on the tracker. We'd like to fix this stuff before release, but these are the least significant problems, and our deadline is totally blown. We don't want to miss the extended deadline to deal with these.

  • Show annotations/LilyPond directives is broken in the notation editor, and I'm just leaving it broken. It needs some fairly heavy sorting, and there are more important things to fix first.
  • If you manage to get double clicking on an ornament to work (I've just discovered this has been buggy since Classic) the resulting ornament editor dialog is a mess. Since it's difficult to get here and we might go five years before a user in the field ever noticed these problems, I've decided to let all of this go and not spend time fixing it up.
    1. group box to the right “Triggered Segment Properties” needs a spacer or something to fix its nasty layout.
    2. the event filters don't work (I fixed this in two other places already, but apparently not here)
    3. has a Segment → Edit With… that does nothing
    4. has a vacant Help menu
    5. Musical/Real/Raw times do not work
  • It would be nice to make sorting in the bank editor human readable. Given a list of banks called (or differing only by) strings 1 30 7 3 50 10, they should be sorted 1 3 7 10 30 50 instead of 1 10 3 30 50 7. I don't see any quick and reasonable way to accomplish this though. QTreeWidget has a sortOrder() or similar, but you can choose between ascending and descending only, and it obviously sorts this kind of list the same way ls would, rather than the way ls -v would. This looks like quite the little subproject, cooking up some subclass of QTreeWidget that can sort more intelligently or whatever solution suggests itself. I tested Classic and found the same behavior, so this isn't a regression. If this were on the bug tracker at SourceForge, I'd move it to the feature request tracker.
  • gobs of annoying layout problems; slurs looks particularly wretched (probably destined for “don't hold release over this” status)
  • Matrix or notation, use the side wheels to zoom either axis independently. The selection box outline doesn't take the scale factor into account, so it gets fat sides when zooming horizontally, fat top and bottom when zooming vertically. Likewise the selection outlines around event bars. [NOTE: a quick and easy way around this is to find the various places (I think there were three in total) where the pen is set to a width of 2, and change it to 0 to make it a “cosmetic pen.” A “cosmetic pen” always has a width of exactly one pixel, regardless of any transformations that may be applied, and applying this to the selection boxes (matrix and notation) and to the selection outlines (around matrix events) does solve the scaling problem very easily. Unfortunately, a single pixel line just isn't bold enough to be effective (particularly for the matrix selection outlines) so I threw that patch in a drawer and didn't commit it. Oh well.]
  • Rotaries don't look particularly good, and could do with a total rewrite or very serious face lift
  • When flipping through plugins, certain “unsafe” plugins make Rosegarden crash by way of low level kernel code. I think these are “not threadsafe” plugins. We should probably assemble a list of them and refuse to present them to the user, so the user can't activate them and thereby cause the instant crash, but I know I'm never going to get around to that in time.
  • There's still something screwy happening with the “default” color in the SPB not being indicated properly under some circumstances
  • Qt isn't consistent about the way it draws disabled texts. Disabled menus look OK, but QLabels and QSpinBoxes (for example) have their disabled texts drawn with a “sunken” look that's calculated based on user system color preferences, rather than being calculated relative to the colors that are in effect through the stylesheet. This can create absolutely ghastly effects, and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it without to resorting to measures so extreme they're just out of scope.
  • Progress dialogs have been broken for the duration, and that task has been sitting on the TODO list gathering dust for almost a year now. I still have no particular interest in trying to sort that out, and it looks like we should just disable the worst offenders, like the one in the audio file manager that spawns its own separate window, and let them go.
  • Although the –nosequencer option does prevent the main sequencer thread from starting and the sequencer functions from working, it doesn't actually prevent Rosegarden from creating the sound driver threads, ALSA ports, etc, and trying to connect to JACK. Fixing this could be surprisingly fiddly I think. [DMM can't see the point of even thinking about how to fix this.]
  • Load the Carmina Burana file I sent you (this one aimed at Chris) and start playing the thing. All goes fine for a long way, about 2/3 through, and then the GUI shuts down while playback continues. The GUI winds up in an unresponsive state where it totally stops processing events, but it continues to repaint most areas, so does not appear to be totally hung. [This is either fixed, or having > 2GB of RAM cures it. Either way, it's rare for people to try to play anything this large, so we probably don't really care for release.]
  • Lot of bugs in staff headers [yg] [dmm - yes, but they are good enough to release with now if they don't get any better]
    1. Headers and staffs are misaligned when vertically scrolling (DMM - the alignment seems to be pretty consistent whatever I try to do with any of this. The header staffs are a 2-3 pixels too high relative to the main notation staffs. This effect doesn't bother me much, because the offset seems to be consistent, and because the header staff is so visually different now. NOTE: now that the headers use segment backgarounds and are more likely to have black notation, the effect of this misalignment is a lot more annoying.)
    2. The width of headers is not handled correctly. Changing the key signature (for example) does not cause the headers to resize wide enough to accommodate the change. There are a lot of other random refresh problems too, and it's often necessary to exit the view and start another one to see the changes in effect. - Most of problems are fixed now, but not all them. (To see one of the remaining problems : Open stormy-riders, select all the segments and open the notation editor. Scroll horizontally to have bar 9 at the left of the window. Zoom in with the mouse wheel in the panner, then zoom out step by step with the wheel and look at the headers…)
    3. “Show only when needed” mode not working yet.
    4. When zooming out enormously with visible staff headers, the notation window width increases and may become huge. Possible solution : to inhibit the zoom out as soon as the window width is going to increase.
  • Autoscroll on the segment canvas is slightly broken. It works fine up to the document end boundary, but it used to be if you were dragging a segment past the end (thereby extending the end) the autoscroll would keep going right along. Now it stops and you have to “pump” things along by generating subtle mouse events.

Future "not just now" refactoring jobs

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