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 +====== Source Code Comment Flags ======
 +  * indicates code that has been temporarily disabled in order to get a file to compile. ​ **use very sparingly!**<​code>//&&&</​code>​
 +  * indicates places in the code where the person doing the porting wasn't completely certain about the right thing to do, and made a best guess. ​ If these guesses are incorrect, there could be problems after the code is running, and these comments are the first place to look for solutions to weird problems.<​code>//​@@@</​code>​
 +  * indicates an inline port-related comment. ​ Use these to show relevant research into a problem you have investigated,​ but either can't or don't have time to solve yourself, so whoever follows doesn'​t have to repeat the legwork. ​ These can also be used for other general port-related comments.<​code>//###</​code>​
 +  * a traditional comment flag that can mean either TODO or "this code is probably crap." ​ These are old, and likely of no real concern to us during the port.<​code>//​!!!</​code>​
 +  * **find** very-critical debug **messages** with the commands - (**list files:​**)<​code>​grep -lir "​@@@"​ * | egrep "​cpp$"</​code>​ and (**list lines:​**)<​code>​ grep -nir "​@@@"​ *</​code>​
 +  ​
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