Get Dependencies

In order to successfully build Rosegarden, there are a number of programs and libraries you'll need.

.deb Based Distros

If you are using a distro with apt (Ubuntu, Debian…), you can try getting the build-dep's for Rosegarden.

For build-dep's to work, you'll need to add the appropriate source repo URIs to your sources.list. The easiest way is to use synaptic.

  1. Launch synaptic. Install it if you need to.
  2. Go to Settings > Repositories
  3. Click the Source Code checkbox. It will display a dash.
  4. Close.

Or, if you don't want to install synaptic, you can edit /etc/apt/sources.list directly. Look for deb-src lines that are commented out and uncomment them. Then do a “sudo apt update”.

At this point the instructions are slightly different for jack1 vs. jack2.

If you are using jack2 (v1.9.x and up):

$ sudo apt-get install libjack-jackd2-dev
$ sudo apt-get build-dep rosegarden

If you are using jack1, this should work:

$ sudo apt-get build-dep rosegarden

…and you should be ready to build.

Other Distros

Nothing yet. Feel free to write something up and send it to us.


Here's a list of the various programs and libraries and the packages they are usually found in. In case the above advice doesn't get you what you need, try going through this list and installing these manually.

Command/Library Min. Version From (.deb-based) From (.rpm-based) From (Arch)
gcc 6.3.0 gcc gcc
g++ 6.3.0 g++ gcc-c++
cmake 3.1 cmake cmake
GNU make 4.1 make make
makedepend (?) 1.0.1 xutils-dev imake
pkg-config (?) 0.22 pkg-config pkgconf
qt5 5.10 qtbase5-dev, qttools5-dev qt5-qtbase-devel
alsa 1.0 libasound2-dev alsa-lib-devel
jack 0.109 libjack-dev jack-audio-connection-kit-devel
ladspa 1.1 ladspa-sdk ladspa-devel
dssi 0.9 dssi-dev dssi-devel
lo 0.23 liblo0-dev liblo-devel
lilv2 liblilv-dev lilv-devel extra/lilv
gtk2 libgtk2.0-dev gtk2-devel extra/gtk2
lirc 0.8 liblirc-dev lirc-devel
liblrdf liblrdf-dev liblrdf-devel
libfftw3 libfftw3-dev fftw-devel
lilypond 2.6.0 lilypond
libsamplerate 0.1.4 libsamplerate-dev libsamplerate-devel
libsndfile 1.0.16 libsndfile1-dev libsndfile-devel
perl perl
bash bash
GNU tar tar
GNU gzip gzip
libsm-dev libsm-dev libSM-devel
zlib zlib1g-dev zlib-devel(?)
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