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Missing Slots

We need to investigate all of these and either restore the missing slots or remove the useless cruft calling slots that no longer exist for good reason.


  • AudioInstrumentParameterPanel::updateAllBoxes() in src/gui/editors/parameters/AudioInstrumentParameterPanel.cpp:81


  • NoteRestInserter::handleEventRemoved(Event *) in src/gui/editors/notation


Deferred until Abraham Darby or beyond unless someone else just feels like piddling sooner. Needs some sorting to fit into the new scheme of things, and I don't feel arsed.

  • NotationView::slotToggleAnnotations()
  • NotationView::slotToggleLilyPondDirectives()


  • NotationWidget::slotEnsureTimeVisible(timeT) in src/gui/editors/notation/NotationWidget.cpp:290
  • Panned::updateScene() in src/gui/editors/notation/NotationWidget.cpp:385

Missing Signals

  • Object::connect: No such signal Rosegarden::MatrixView::changeTempo(timeT, tempoT, tempoT, TempoDialog::TempoDialogAction) in src/gui/application/RosegardenMainViewWidget.cpp:638
  • Object::connect: No such signal Rosegarden::MatrixView::editTimeSignature(timeT) in src/gui/application/RosegardenMainViewWidget.cpp:680

Looks like these (not sure about changeAccidental) are all in the same general category. We're going to have to write some completely new mechanism to hook up and fire the signal when appropriate, because nothing of the old mechanism is left. Abraham Darby or later.

  • Object::connect: No such signal Rosegarden::NotationWidget::changeAccidental(Accidental, bool) in src/gui/editors/notation/NoteRestInserter.cpp:94
  • Object::connect: No such signal Rosegarden::NotationView::changeTempo(timeT, tempoT, tempoT, TempoDialog::TempoDialogAction) in src/gui/application/RosegardenMainViewWidget.cpp:425
  • Object::connect: No such signal Rosegarden::NotationView::staffLabelChanged(TrackId, QString) in src/gui/application/RosegardenMainViewWidget.cpp:472
  • Object::connect: No such signal Rosegarden::NotationView::editTimeSignature(timeT) in src/gui/application/RosegardenMainViewWidget.cpp:476

All this contentsMoving nonsense needs sorting. There's nothing like it any longer, and its absence probably is the source of several kinds of annoying breakage. Start drawing a segment with the pencil on the canvas, after the autoscroll kicks up to high gear, it doesn't follow along with you. This kind of thing is stuff I can live with until Abraham Darby, at which point we should try to get rid of all the Q3 everything, and sort all of this crap out. Until then, ignore them, but don't comment these out, as the ones in compositionview/ seem to be the most important missing bits:

  • Object::connect: No such signal Rosegarden::CompositionView::contentsMoving (int, int) in src/gui/editors/segment/compositionview/SegmentMover.cpp:58
  • Object::disconnect: No such signal Rosegarden::CompositionView::contentsMoving (int, int) in src/gui/editors/segment/compositionview/SegmentMover.cpp:65
  • Object::connect: No such signal Rosegarden::CompositionView::contentsMoving (int, int) in src/gui/editors/segment/compositionview/SegmentPencil.cpp:61
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