Notation Cleanup Branch

Start Date: 01/23/2011
End Date: 03/07/2011 (Projected)
Primary Developer: Julie Swango (

The intent of this branch is to clean up several aspect of the Notation Editor to allow consistent entering and editing of notation. There will be spill over to the Matrix / Percussion Editor as well, but it is not the primary focus of this branch.

High Level Items (Preliminary)

  1. Provide more consistent highlighting of notation and rests during cut / paste / copy and transformations (some progress in trunk).
  2. Automate the split and tie at barline of pasted notation.
  3. Review Adjust → Rests and Adjust → Notes menu and adjust command behaviors to reflect intended behaviors.
  4. If overlapping segments are displayed in the Notation Editor, have the currently edited segment notation take on the color of the segment.
  5. Cleanup of LilyPond outputs to better reflect intentions of notation in Notation Editor.
  6. Review LilyPond track bracketing in RG main view to see if they can be made more functional.

Bug Fixes Completed

* Rev. 12201 - Using Alt+Pg Up and Alt+Pg now correctly selects all elements of the new current staff even when there was a selection set prior to the request to change staffs in overlapping segments.

Features Implemented

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