Which options are too obvious; which are not obvious enough; which are about right?

Key: Too obvious, not obvious enough, about right


This is one of the worst config tabs, and it's the first one you see!

  • Note name style (definitely)
  • Audio preview scale (perhaps a bit)
  • Base octave number
  • Show tool context help in status bar (remind me why this is an option at all, again? I think it's just because I was too timid when implementing the feature)
  • Use textured backgrounds on canvas areas – options like this can safely go in an Appearance tab because people will have no problem looking for them if they want to go changing the way it all looks
  • Side-bar parameter box layout


  • Default editor on double-click (should be right up at the top of the default tab)
  • Number of count-in bars
  • Always use default studio (not all that common to change, but not an option users will necessarily know to go hunting around for)

General/External Editors

There is no reason for this to be its own tab.

  • External audio editor



  • Enable auto-save
  • Auto-save interval – this could usefully be a combo with several obvious options in it, I doubt if anyone really needs to enter the exact number of seconds. Off / 30 seconds / one minute / five minutes / ten minutes should do fine. Then we don't need the enable button.


  • Sequencer status – but this may be OK hidden away if we merge the trayicon branch
  • Send all MIDI controllers – a useful option; the first tab of the Sequencer page is probably an obvious enough place for it, but I want to highlight that it's again not something the user will necessarily think to look for
  • Load SoundFont and associated options


  • Start JACK automatically options. The tab is badly named, given that it only contains these options. I still think the options are intrinsically problematic.

Sequencer/Record and Mix

  • Audio mix and monitor mode – there's probably something to be said for removing this altogether
  • Create post-fader outs – although if we had an Audio tab, these would be among the more obvious options to put in it
  • Record audio files as…


  • Sequencer timer
  • JACK transport mode
  • MIDI Clock/System
  • MMC
  • MTC
  • Automatically connect sync output


  • Various font options – this tab is generally OK I think


  • Default layout mode
  • Default spacing
  • Default duration factor

These are debatable – if only the notation editor remembered your last setting, it probably wouldn't be necessary to have them as configuration options at all.

  • Show non-notation events as question marks
  • Show notation-quantized notes in different colour
  • Show invisible events in grey
  • Show notes outside playable range in red
  • Show superimposed notes…


  • Default note style – again, the notation editor could just remember this. I find it amazing that I bothered to make an option of it, looking back. I must have been bored.
  • When inserting notes… – I think this option is wrong-headed, although I notice one user reported having used it. The proper options are “split notes” or “coerce new note to match existing notes” – but not to permit inserting a note overlapping other notes. This is bound up with voice support however
  • Auto-beam on insert
  • Collapse rests after erase
  • Default paste type


This one's OK I think


This one is highly problematic because of the “After quantization” options incorrectly affecting playback and editing in non-notation views. That makes it sort of a recording option, but it's clear that these are intended to be completely notation-specific. Have to think about this.

We can improve the defaults for

  • External audio editor. Default is Audacity; if MHWaveEdit or Rezound is available we should perhaps use one of those in preference (owing to better JACK support and, in MHWaveEdit's case, better workflow for quick edit/save turnaround).
  • “After quantize” in notation/quantize. Should be made to do the minimum by default
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