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We have a few shreds of DCOP support for calling basic menu functions (loading
a file, playing from a given time etc), but not really for any editing.

Some of the menu options we have already might have been easier to build if
there had been a script-style interface to make them from. It needn't even
necessarily have involved a scripting language -- just an interface that
works at a slightly higher level than our basic data structures, allowing the
author to avoid worrying about tedious problems like what happens to
iterators in a container if you erase an element from the container, etc etc.

A C/C++ API that offered the basic inspection and editing facilities on
Rosegarden event data (_not_ literal MIDI data, the way I had been conceiving
of it anyway) in a robust sort of way, so that a program using them could not
crash and would be reasonably unlikely to fail to complete for any obscure
reason, would be a useful thing in and of itself and could then be wrapped
using any sort of scripting language interface.

You can see a few bits of header code for something like this in
src/base/ScriptAPI.h. The header file has been there for two years without
ever being properly worked out or having any implementation at all written,
basically because I (for once) actually avoided spending a whole chunk of
time working on something that I found interesting but suspected nobody else
would ever use. If there is evidence that someone else might actually use it
after all, it can probably be made into something that works pretty quickly.
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