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   * Developer A and C roles in [[dev:​rg_qt4_action_management]]   * Developer A and C roles in [[dev:​rg_qt4_action_management]]
 +  * Review resource-location code (currently bodged into IconLoader, pull out into ResourceFinder or some such). Device definition (and chord?) files should probably be installed as before, because we need a browsable location for the open file dialog. ​ Fonts, styles, translations (to be handled after the basics are running), and perhaps pixmaps should be compiled in -- but with installed locations, if they exist, taking priority. ​ Because these may come from more than one place, they should have specialised methods to find one or all examples, rather than looking up a single path.  Pixmaps are already (almost completely) taken care of.
   * Review build log and look for "​difficult"​ fixes   * Review build log and look for "​difficult"​ fixes
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