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 ==== Toolbars ==== ==== Toolbars ====
 === Rulers === === Rulers ===
-I should test the rulers thoroughly, but this is just a cursory glance. ​ This is a multi-track/​multi-segment view including overlapping segments on the same track, ​and notably the velocity ​and control rulers *do* work here, unlike notation. +I should test the rulers thoroughly ​to document selection ​and resizing problems ​and other nuisance level glitches we'll probably have to release with.  ​Multi-segment ​whatzits work swimmingly now thanks ​to Fryer the Fantabuabulous.  ​That cuts out a huge chunk of worry.
- +
-**BUG** Skipping ahead a little, using Move -> Next / Previous Segment ​to change which segment appears to be active for editing, the contents of the velocity ruler do not change, even if I close and re-show it.  ​It seems to be tied to some particular segment, not the active segment. ​ (Disabling these rulers in multi-segment ​views is an acceptable way to address these issues IMHO, if no better way can be accomplished. Remember ​the deadline.  ​SHIP CODE!)+
 ===== Composition ===== ===== Composition =====
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 ==== Set to Current Velocity ==== ==== Set to Current Velocity ====
-**BUG** (Events -> Set to Current Velocity) ​ What this is supposed to do is clear as mud anyway, but it does not appear ​to do anything at all.  I'm assuming I dial something into the velocity combo and select some notes and apply this and they take that velocity ​Instead,​ nothing happens. ​ (Missing slot?)+Slot exists. ​ Not sure if anything happens, but I suspect ​it may be related ​to all the catastrophic brokenness relating to the scene not picking up changes to the segment ​and reflecting them.
 ==== Set Event Velocities ==== ==== Set Event Velocities ====
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