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-Overview: Instead of writing a figuration (arpeggio or similar) many 
-times, once for each chord of interest, you can write it once and 
-write block chords, and then expand the figuration for each chord. 
-First, you need a segment that contains (a) a chord, and (b) one 
-measure of figuration (arpeggio-type stuff, but it can contain passing 
-tones etc).  That segment has to be specially marked: 
- * In the segment editor, select the chord and Phrase > Figuration > 
-   Make Parameter Chord 
- * Select the entire figuration and do Phrase > Figuration > Mark 
-   ​Selection As Figuration 
-Now in the main window, select that segment and every block chord 
-segment that you want to expand, and Segment > Expand block chord 
-segments by figuration.  ​ 
-A new segment (or segments) will appear. ​ It will contain figuration 
-on the block chords. ​ You'll probably want to move it and relabel it. 
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