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-If you have placed text dynamics, slurs etc into your composition and you want to hear the changes they make, in other words you want the midi to interprete ​the notes, you can select the interpretations that Rosegarden will do in playback.+You can use **Adjust → Interpret...** ​to modify ​the velocities and timings of notes according to any written or indicated dynamics foundThe selection of interpretations available is as follows:
-FIXME  ADD A PICTURE!+Apply text dynamics (//p, mf, ff// etc) 
 +Sets a velocity to each note based on the last piece of text of “Dynamic” type seen on the same staff (only texts of the form //pp, p, mp, mf, f, ff, fff,// etc., are matched; these are the texts that are available by default when entering text events of this style). 
 +**Apply hairpin dynamics** 
 +Makes the notes gradually increase or decrease in velocity during a crescendo or decrescendo hairpin. 
 + ​**Stress beats** 
 +Makes notes that land on bar or beat boundaries slightly louder (greater velocity) than the surrounding notes. 
 + ​**Articulate slurs, staccato, tenuto etc** 
 +Shortens unslurred notes, shortens staccato notes more, and gives notes inside slurs and tenuto notes their full length.
-NOTE: The quantize dialog is less self-explanatory than this one and yet it does not have a help button. Why? 
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