Duration Tab

This feature is going to have a grid of duration buttons approximately thus

[][][][][][][][][x]1 [][][][][][][][][x]2 [][][][][][][][][x]3 [][][][][][][][][x]4 [][][][][][][][][x]5 [][][][][][][][][x]6 [][][][][][][][][x]7 [][][][][][][][][x]8 a b c d e f g h i


1: breves 2: whole notes (semibreves) 3: half notes (minims) 4: quarter notes (crotchets) 5: 8th notes (quavers) 6: 16th notes (semiquavers) 7: 32nd notes (demisemiquavers) 8: 64th notes (hemidemisemiquavers)

a: plain notes b: dotted c: double dotted d: note triplet modifier e: plain rests f: dotted rests g: double dotted rests h: rest triplet modifier i: entire row on/off


Do I need an entire column on/off too?

I wonder how notes will fall through the cracks, even with this many choices.

Needs to have “performance duration is [longer|shorter]” controls.

Have given no thought to pitch selection yet.

Marks: make icons for all possible marks in like fashion Do we want to search for specific text strings? Regexes? At the moment, I just plan to search for text as a category and pick everything that has a text mark, regardless of what it says. etc.

Duration use cases

Case 1

Rosegarden has rendered a lot of double dotted 8th notes that want to be quarter notes. The objective of the operation is to find all of those notes and change them.

Edit → Search and Select… User wants to end up with only the 8.. note button pushed, so starts with [none] button Click on 8.. button Search and select is performed Ctrl+4 Mission accomplished

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