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-====== Road Map ====== 
-Ilan got all the help buttons done.  I figure the plan of attack from here is to flesh out these pages first. ​ When possible, **cut out** existing text from the [[doc:​manual-en|main entry page]] first, and **move it** (don't copy it, but do leave a link in its place) into these pages as appropriate:​ 
-  *[[doc:​audioSplitDialog-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​audioManager-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​audioMixerWindow-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​audioPluginDialog-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​bankEditorDialog-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​controlEditorDialog-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​device-manager-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​eventView-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​fileMergeDialog-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​interpretDialog-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​keySignatureDialog-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​manual-lilypondoptions-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​lyricEditDialog-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​markerEditor-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​matrix-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​midi-filter-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​midiMixerWindow-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​notation-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​pasteNotationDialog-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​pitchBendSequenceDialog-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​manual-preset-handler-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​audio-filenames-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​manual-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​synth-plugin-manager-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​tempoDialog-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​tempoView-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​textEventDialog-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​timeSignatureDialog-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​triggerSegmentManager-en]] 
-  *[[doc:​tupletDialog-en]] 
-After all that's done, we need to figure out what to leave on the main page itself, and I'm thinking we probably want to fork most of the remainder of its contents off onto more sub-pages, leaving the main entry page as a brief intro with an index linking to everything else. 
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