This Wiki page is intended to eventually document all keyboard shortcuts in Rosegarden. For now, this is only a rough outline of what the page should look like in the end. Please add to it / adjust it as you see fit.

The main window shortcuts should now all be listed. Please use the contents of this page to help finish this Wiki page.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Rosegarden Main Window


New File ctrl+n
Open File ctrl+o
Open Recent ctrl+rOpen the most recently opened Rosegarden project (top of the list)
Save ctrl+s
Save As… ctrl+shift+s
Close active file ctrl+w
Close Rosegarden ctrl+q


Function Shortcut Note
Undo ctrl+z
Redo ctrl+shift+z
Cut ctrl+x
Copy ctrl+c
Paste ctrl+v
Delete deleteDeletes current selection
Cut range ctrl+shift+x Select a range by shift+dragging on the Playback Position Ruler. Range editing can be useful for inserting a bar/measure in an existing composition.
Copy range ctrl+shift+c
Paste range ctrl+shift+v
Insert range… ctrl+shift+ins
Select all segments ctrl+a


Function Shortcut Note
Toggle Show transport t
Toggle show Special Parameters p


Function Shortcut Note
Edit markers… ctrl+k
Set quick marker at playback position ctrl+shift+m
Jump to quick marker ctrl+m


Function Shortcut Note
No shortcuts


Function Shortcut Note
Toggle repeat ctrl+shift+rWhen checked, any selected segments will repeat until they run into another segment, or the end of the composition.
Open in default editor returnOpens the selected segment in the default editor
Open in matrix editor m
Open in percussion editor d (as in drum)
Open in notation editor n
Open in event list editor e
Quantize =
Repeat last quantization +
Jog left alt+leftMoves the currently selected segment(s)
Jog right alt+right
Join ctrl+jJoins two selected segments together (select multiple segments by holding shift while clicking them)


Function Shortcut Note
Add track ctrl+t
Add tracks… ctrl+shift+t
Remove track ctrl+d
Move track down shift+down
Move track up shift+up
Select next track down
Select previous track up
Toggle mute/unmute track m
Toggle mute/unmute track uIn Rosegarden version 10.10. (Ubuntu Studio 10.04)
Toggle arm/unarm track for recording r


Function Shortcut Note
Select and Edit mode F2
Draw mode F3
Erase mode F4
Move mode F5
Resize mode F6
Split mode F7
Toggle Playback ctrl+enterThis is wrongly indicated in the program itself
Stop playback insPress twice to reset the playback pointer to its place prior to playback
Rewind page upMoves playback pointer one measure backwards (also works during playback - you may have to hold the button down)
Fast forward page downMoves playback pointer one measure forwards
Record media recordthis could use a shortcut for those of us without a media record button
Punch in record spaceToggles between Play and Record modes while in Play mode. Adds new parallel segments in track
Scroll to follow playback pauseMoves the displayed part of the composition to follow the playback pointer
Panic ctrl+alt+pStop playback, send All Sound Off instruction to connected MIDI instruments


Function Shortcut Note
Rosegarden manual F1

Shortcuts not in the Menu

Function Shortcut Note
Toggle Receive External shift+pUnder Special Parameters. Use program changes from an external source to manipulate these controls (only valid for the currently-active track)

Notation Editor

Function Shortcut Note
Row 1 Col 1 Row 1 Col 2 Row 1 Col 3
Row 2 Col 1 some colspan (note the double pipe)
Row 3 Col 1 Row 3 Col 2 Row 3 Col 3

Matrix Editor

Shortcuts not in the Menu

Function Shortcut Note
Copy Note ctrl+clickDrag to copy a note

Program-Wide Shortcuts

Function Shortcut Note
Start/Pause Playback ctrl+enter
Row 2 Col 1 some colspan (note the double pipe)
Row 3 Col 1 Row 3 Col 2 Row 3 Col 3
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