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Installing the latest stable version of Rosegarden from svn source

These instructions should show howto install stable Rosegarden 1.7 to a freshly installed distribution.

1. Kubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon)

Install first subversion.

sudo apt-get install subversion

Download the source of the latest stable version of rosegarden using subversion.

svn checkout

Install the packages needed in building.

sudo apt-get install cmake g++ kdebase-dev fftw3-dev gettext libjack0.100.0-dev \
  dssi-dev ladspa-sdk liblo0-dev liblrdf0-dev

Now we are ready to build. Let us proceed to the build phase.

cd stable_1_7
cmake .

After the build phase has finished, install Rosegarden.

sudo make install

Now Rosegarden has been installed!

Before running Rosegarden, let us install needed packages.

sudo apt-get install libxml-twig-perl flac qjackctl sox

Install LilyPond either with

sudo apt-get install lilypond

or, if you do not want to install TeX (extra ~150 Mb) which is not necessary, download stable (2.10.* or 2.12.*) LilyPond installing binary from Currently, the latest stable version 2.10.33 (Oct 16, 2007), you may install LilyPond with


sudo sh ./

If you need software synthesis, install timidity and freepats.

sudo apt-get install timidity freepats

Now we are ready to run Rosegarden!

Start Rosegarden…


…and click ok in warnings. Change settings a bit and select

Setup->Configure Rosegarden...->Audio->JACK Startup->Start JACK when Rosegarden starts [X]

Setup->Configure Rosegarden...->Save Configuration

Then quit rosegarden, so that JACK is started during startup, and rerun rosegarden


Voilá !

If you would like to have Rosegarden translated into your language, see how to add or update translation.

2. JackLab Audio Distribution 1.0 (JAD)

Confirmed to build.

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