Adjusting Notation

Adjusting Notation

Adjusting note and rest durations

Normalizing rests

Sometimes as a result of editing or quantization operations, a piece of notation can end up with incorrect rest durations for the current time signature. You can use the Adjust->Rests->Normalize Rests function to fix these. This examines each sequence of consecutive rests found in the selection, and adjusts, splits and merges rests as necessary to ensure that the rests have theoretically correct durations and fall on the correct boundaries.

For example, a 4/4 bar containing a crotchet (quarter-note), then a minim (half-note) rest and a crotchet rest will be rearranged to place the crotchet rest first, as the minim rest should not cross the central beat boundary of the bar.

Splitting very long notes

The Adjust->Notes->Tie Notes at Barlines is intended to deal with notes that have excessively long durations, and therefore overflow barlines or are too long to be displayed as a single note. It takes any such notes and splits them into shorter, tied notes.

Splitting overlapping notes

The Adjust->Notes->Split-and-Tie Overlapping Chords function can be used to turn "counterpoint" notes into a series of split-and-tied notes and chords.

It can be applied to a selection that contains overlapping notes. It will split overlapping notes at the point where they overlap, and tie together the resulting split notes, ensuring that the music takes the form of a series of chords and/or single notes starting and ending in neat blocks, with some notes possibly tied.

Rescaling note durations

The Adjust->Rescale->Halve Durations and Adjust->Rescale->Double Durations functions can be used to perform the most simple rescaling functions.

For more elaborate rescalings, use the Adjust->Rescale->Stretch or Squash... function with which you scale the total lenth of the selection.

Repositioning notation elements

You may occasionally wish to to nudge the positioning of some element of notation that Rosegarden's layout algorithm has not placed in an optimal location. Use Ctrl-click and drag to move slurs, hairpins, text events, and several other sorts of events. You may not reposition notes in this fashion.