The Rosegarden Handbook

The Rosegarden Handbook

Chris Cannam

Richard Bown

Guillaume Laurent

Revision 1.7.0 (2008-05-05)

Rosegarden is an audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor. This Handbook describes how to use it.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
About Rosegarden
About this Handbook
About Menus and Shortcuts
Optional Features
2. Rosegarden Files and Documents
New compositions
Using MIDI files
Rosegarden Project files
Other file formats
Merging files
LilyPond options
3. The Track Editor
Tracks and instruments
Creating segments
Audio segments
Manipulating segments
The Select tool
Move and Resize tools
Stretching and squashing segments
Split tool
Other Split functions
Tempo and Time Signature
Tempo in Rosegarden
Tempo rulers
Tempo and time signature editor
Changing Tempo
Time signature
Setting tempo from an existing segment
Markers, ranges, and loops
Quick Marker
Ranges and loops
Triggered segments
4. The Transport
Synchronising to external transports
JACK Transport
MIDI Time Code
Infrared Remote Controls
5. The Studio
Devices, instruments and connections
Managing MIDI devices
Managing banks and programs for MIDI devices
Percussion Key Mappings
Program mapping on MIDI import
Audio Routing
MIDI Routing
The Audio Mixer
The MIDI Mixer
Audio Plugins
Effects plugins
Synth plugins
Plugin native editor windows
MIDI filters
External MIDI control surfaces
6. Special Parameters
The Track Parameter Box
Playback parameters
Track recording filters
Staff export options
Create segments with
The Segment Parameter Box
The Instrument Parameter Box
MIDI Instrument Parameters
Audio Instrument Parameters
Synth Plugin Instrument Parameters
7. Quantization
8. The Matrix editor
The Grid and Quantize controls
Inserting notes
Typing notes with the PC keyboard
Entering notes using a MIDI keyboard
Selecting notes
Filtering the selection
Moving and copying notes
9. The Percussion Matrix editor
10. The Notation editor
Single and multiple staffs
Linear and page layouts
Rulers and cursors
The raw note ruler
The chord name ruler
The tempo ruler
Tools and selections
Inserting notes and rests
Typing notes and rests with the PC keyboard
Entering notes using a MIDI keyboard
Clef and key
Text, Lyrics, and LilyPond directives
Editing lyrics
Using special LilyPond directives
Guitar Chords
Slurs and hairpins
Note stems and slashes
Triplets and other tuplets
Paste types
Adjusting Notation
Adjusting note and rest durations
Repositioning notation elements
Interpreting Performance Cues in Notation
Notation from performance data
Configurable parameters for the heuristic notation quantizer
Playing ornaments
Note styles
Note fonts
11. The Event List editor
12. Customising Rosegarden
Configuring custom notation fonts
Codes and Glyphs
Notation font mapping XML format
Creating new notation styles
Notation style XML format
13. Credits and License
14. Rosegarden Revision History