The Transport

Chapter 4. The Transport

When you play a composition, Rosegarden sweeps a playback pointer across the tracks from left to right playing the contents of the segments as it crosses them. The pointer's position on the screen is tracked and controlled by a window called the Transport.


Rosegarden's Transport window

If the Transport isn't visible, you can activate it with Settings->Show Transport.

The Transport shows the time reached by the playback pointer, in seconds by default.

You can switch it to show musical time (bar and beat counts), musical time with a flashing visual metronome, or audio sample frame times, using the topmost of the small buttons on the left of the transport window.

The button immediately below that toggles the display so as to show time remaining to the end of the composition instead of from the start.

The main controls on the transport start the sequencer playing and pause it, fast forward the pointer position, rewind it, stop it or jump to beginning or end of composition.

The transport display also shows the tempo and time signature in effect at the current playback position. Double-click on either of these to insert a new tempo or time signature change. See Tempo and Time Signature for more ways to adjust these elsewhere in Rosegarden.

You can also double-click anywhere on the main time display on the transport window, to enter a precise time that you want the playback position to be set to.

Additional controls and a MIDI event display are hidden on the bottom flap on the transport, which can be toggled on or off using the arrow button next to it at the left. Also on this extra portion there are buttons for recording, setting the loop start and end (see Ranges and loops), soloing individual tracks, turning on or off the metronome (see Metronomes), and silencing your MIDI devices (the panic button).