Learning Rosegarden

Lead Sheets with LilyPond

Copyright © 2008 Shelagh Manton

This tutorial was written with a pre-release version of Rosegarden 1.7.2

LilyPond Chord Names Styles for your Leadsheets

picture of lilypond chords

Lead sheets are useful for learning the melody and words of a song as well as for giving you hints on chords for guitar playing or for other musicians who can improvise with chords.

Rosegarden can easily do lead sheets using the text tool with chords options in the notation editor.

Rosegarden has it's own native style of naming chords which is a simple text in a nice font placed over the relevant note in the staff. If you wish to use the default LilyPond Ignatzek style chord names you can do that too. But you must use the LilyPond syntax to do so.

What it looks like to enter a chord name.

LilyPond Recipe for Chords

Have fun!