Feature Review for Thorn

This is intended to be complementary to the Fake Bug Tracker.

This was a good idea Chris had, but let's take it to the next level. For the first phase, we're going to go through every menu in Rosegarden item by item, and create a structure following this pattern:

====== Major Editor (eg. Notation, Main Window) ======
===== Top Level Menu =====
==== Menu Item ====
=== Menu Sub-Item ===
[[dev:major_sub_structure|Link text...]]
== Menu Sub-Sub-Item ==

It is OK at this stage to group very similar functions under one heading, eg. “Move to Staff Above” and “Move to Staff Below” can become “Move to Staff Above/Below” and so on.

While going through the interface, bugs are noted as BUG inline in the comments. These should be collected and copied to the bug tracker page. It is acceptable to wait and copy them straight to the “bugs now fixed” section at the bottom if they are trivial bugs to hammer out.

Major Editors

Major Interface Elements

Rulers? Not sure yet.


(Moved from up above, work into a more methodical review where suitable.)

I've started with most of the things accessible from the main window – do feel free to add more (and fix these).



  1. Splash screen
  2. Transport window
  3. Main window layout and toolbars
  4. Main window menus
  5. Segment canvas
  6. Main window rulers
  7. Segment parameter box
  8. Track parameter box
  9. Insert Range dialog
  10. Main window status bar
  11. Device manager (though, like all dialogs, Help doesn't usefully work)
  12. Warning message feature (could just use a title on each warning… but what?)
  13. Preferences (though it doesn't come up on right page when invoked from an editor window) (and it doesn't because this fixed a nasty crash, and an alternative didn't really suggest itself)
  14. Document properties
  15. Relabel segment dialog (fixed)

Functional but ugly or problematic

  1. Add Time Signature (too much space between numerator and denominator; Help button doesn't work)
  2. Marker editor (button bar a bit crap; nothing in Help menu; time display radio buttons don't radio)
  3. Tempo & Timesig Editor (nothing in Help menu; Show/Hide Status Bar menu label needs to get updated; first col in table needs to be wider to fit time values; time display radio buttons don't radio properly)
  4. Composition start/end dialog (not too bad, just a bit weird layout)
  5. Synth plugin manager dialog (layout strange, needs stretch adjustments; Help button produces placeholder only. Does seem to work though)
  6. Metronome manager (should probably have only OK button, not OK, Apply and Close – Apply doesn't seem to work properly until OK is used anyway?; Help button doesn't work)
  7. Instrument parameter box (MIDI) (instrument name & connection not updated properly in many situations, including first thing on new document load)

Not properly tested but OK to look at

  1. Audio file manager
  2. MIDI mixer
  3. Print dialog (you talking about the LilyPond export options thing? I've tested this extensively, and it's fine)

Not properly tested but ugly or problematic

  1. Transpose by Interval: a bit too much blank space though not too bad
  2. Playlist
  3. Quantize dialog (layout crap; Advanced toggle doesn't work; Help button doesn't work)
  4. Add Tempo Change
  5. Audio mixer (some fonts too big for buttons, other fonts too small to see; submaster labels cover faders; channel headers offset left of faders; Master fader is squished compared to others; nothing in Help menu)
  6. Remap instruments (unbalanced space; should have only OK/Cancel not Apply [that's a bug in Classic])
  7. Instrument parameter box (Synth) (plugin buttons don't work; I don't think I believe the level meter) (wow, that's odd, they used to work, but they don't now)


  1. Add Tracks dialog (crashes on OK) (can't confirm, I tried adding at the top, bottom, above, below and wound up with 2228 tracks at the end, and no crashes) (tracks > 1000 even at the default 9 pt. font don't show up well, which fact I'm perfectly willing to ignore)


  1. Hot Linux groupie chicks begging me to jeopardize my marriage by partying with them


  1. Instrument parameter box (Audio)
  2. Triggered segment manager (was OK the last time I checked it out)
  3. MIDI filters dialog (I fixed this, but don't know for sure if it's working or only appears to be working)
  4. Almost everything in editors other than the main window!
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