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To release Rosegarden 1.6.0 by end of September 2007 - Failed!

To release Rosegarden 1.6.0 by end of October 2007- Released 1.6.0-pre1 (string freeze) in November 2, 2007!

New aim: To release Rosegarden 1.6.0 few weeks after that … Finally succeeded!

New features already in trunk for this release

Significant Fixes

Still To Do

See also: Plans for 1.7.0

[1] – This is an interesting case study. MusicXML export was implemented way back in 2002, because of actual third-party interest in the feature. For over five years therefore this feature has been present in the File menu, but in no circumstances did it ever actually produce valid MusicXML. Yet in all that time we have never received a single bug report about it. Why should that be?

(a) Nobody has ever tried to use it, despite the apparent initial interest in the feature

(b) Other applications that import MusicXML do so without validating the input, and our output does in fact work in those applications

© Nobody ever reports bugs (or more precisely: the fraction of users that report bugs of any kind is smaller than 1 / the number of our users interested in MusicXML)

(d) It was so thoroughly broken that no user, even if inclined to report bugs, could ever work out where to start filing bug reports about it

(e) all of the above.

Although I've fixed the output so that it now validates (for my test cases), I don't expect that it produces good results – c.f. at all the work that had to be done in the Lilypond exporter to get it from “working” to “good”. I may have an actual use for MusicXML shortly, so perhaps I'll be working on it again…